Month: April 2019

Unbounded was the joy and congratulation of the courtiers on thus meeting with him safe and uninjured. The king then turning round to the poor fish...

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A King in Disguise part 5

Even I, a poor fisherman, with a wife and little family, am not forgotten, and enjoy my poverty in peace. He permits me to fish for eels wherever I...

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A King in Disguise part 4

As he thus stood, listening to the distant thunder and the raving of the storm, he stretched his view in vain to discover some signs of human exist...

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A King in Disguise part 3

Residing there during several years, I acquired an excellent knowledge of the language, manners, and peculiar practices of the people, when I was a...

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A King in Disguise part 2

Matteo Bandello (1480 – 1560)

Bandello, a Lombard noble by birth, is, next to Boccaccio, the most celebrated of the Italian story...

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A King in Disguise part 1

“Fair, sweet son, my heart trembles within me, so greatly do I dread the cold. Give me, then, the cloth you spread upon your horse, so that I com...

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The Divided Horsecloth part 8

“Ah, fair, sweet son, what is this thou sayest to me! For the love of God turn me not from thy door. I lie so close that thou canst not want my r...

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The Divided Horsecloth part 7

Thus before the witnesses he divested himself utterly of all his wealth, and became naked as a peeled wand in the eyes of the world, for this merch...

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The Divided Horsecloth part 6

The eldest of these brothers had a daughter, but the mother of the maid was dead. Now this damsel owned in Paris a certain fair house, over against...

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The Divided Horsecloth part 5

For very greatly are those loved and esteemed by their fellows who are courteous in speech’ and address. He who has fair words in his mouth recei...

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The Divided Horsecloth part 4

With the opening of the Seventeenth Century the short story was overshadowed by the drama and the long-winded sentimental ro­mance, although such ...

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The Divided Horsecloth part 2

Somadeva (Flourished about 1070 A.D.)

Somadeva (Soma with the Brahminical suffix deva) was a poet of Kashmir. His celebrated collection...

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The Story of Devadatta 1

Music and dance

Now his elder son was in the field: and as he came and drew nigh to the house, he heard music and dancing. And he call...

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The Prodigal Son 2

The literature of the New Testament (which was written in late Greek) is difficult to classify. It is Jewish, of course, but permeated by a distinc...

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The Jewish Mother 2

And the elders said:—“As we walked in the garden alone, this woman came in with two maids, and shut the garden doors, and sent the maids away. ...

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The History of Susanna 2

Apuleius (Born ca. 125 A.D.)

Lucius Apuleius, author of The Golden Ass, was born and educated in northern Africa. He practised law, was...

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The Dream 1

The Book of Ruth (From the Old Testament)

Into the extremely complicated questions of authorship, origin and development of the Old Tes...

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The Book of Ruth 1

The Talmud is a great collection of law, ritual, precept, and example, which was composed during the period extending from the First Century B.C. t...

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Rabbi Akiva 1

Bloodless spirits

As he spoke and touched the strings of his lyre, the bloodless spirits wept. Tantalus no longer caught at the retreat...

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Orpheus and Eurydice 2

Thus he spake; and towards him the aged sire opened his sightless eyes and lifted them up and replied with these words:

“Be silent, sto...

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Phineus And The Harpies 2

The story below has been copied from You can read the rest of the story on  Eumieus Tale. Homer (About 1000 B.C.) The first men...

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Eumieus’ Tale 2