Filibe Koftecisi

If, whilst shopping, you couldn`t stop thinking about having some delicious meatballs, then look no further; head straight to Filibe. You`ll find delicacies like grilled chicken and meat varieties, baked rice pudding and cheese pudding as well as famous Plovdiv meatballs at this restaurant open between 7am and 5pm. A meatball sandwich is 5 TL and a portion is 8 TL. They stress that they don`t accept credit cards.

Tel: 0212 522 9721

It has been serving customers on Uzungarsi Avenue since 1960. The scent of meatballs will seduce even the fullest of people. The restaurant whose portfolio includes regulars including celebrities and journalists, offers a portion of meatballs for 6.50 TL, while its semolina halva will leave you begging for more. Consider yourself lucky if you find any at lunch though, as the dessert is served from 7am along with soup.

Tel: 0212 52013 25

Lezzet-i Sark

One meeting point for kebab lovers is Lezzet-i sark restaurant where you`ll find all types of kebabs, from Urfa to Adana, lamb- stuffed kibbeh, a variety of soups and of course, angel`s hair dessert. Prices range from 10 TL to 20 TL.

Tel: 0212 514 27 63

Asli Borek

If you set off before breakfast, stop by at Ash Borek. Order a breakfast platter and get delicious su boregi (layered pastry). Pastries are 5 TL, breakfast 9 TL and manti 8 TL.

Tel: 0212 527 54 80

Tahtakale Et Lokantasi

Soups, meatballs, wraps and kebab varieties await you in the restaurant open between 10am and 9pm every day. Prices vary from 2.50 TL to 10 TL.

Tel: 0212 512 52 92


Take a lunch break here if you long for traditional Turkish home cooking like eggplant ragout, bean stew or soup. Prices are low; specialties from the daily menu cost from 2.50 TL to 6 TL.

Tel: 0212 526 26 86

Murat Karadeniz Pidecisi

If you like pide you must try this place which has been serving Tahtakale`s craftsmen for 20 years. Try its pide with tahini. The restaurant, famous for its Konya-style pide, serves minced meat and mixed pides for 5 TL.

Tel: 0212 522 49 08

Milan, which hosts the `Salone Internazionale del Mobile`, the world`s biggest furniture and design fair in spring and the world`s two most prestigious fashion weeks during the winter, is a fashion and design paradise. Despite having become a cliché, the `Quadrilatero Della Moda` (Quadrilateral of Fashion), consisting of Via Della Spiga, Via Montenapoleone, Via Santo Spirito and Via Sant`Andrea is one of Milan`s most necessary routes.

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